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Oct. 27, 2015

Well here's the latest update !  So I check the eBenefit website the other day and found that my claim had been closed as of 10/8/15.  Also, under disability heading it shows "not service connected.  So I email Ted Ebert to seek an explanation.  His reply was,  Please don't be alarmed - the closed claim is really just the closure of our tracking of our response to your request for a copy of your claims folder...  Then he says, " Your regional office recently completed a Statement of the Case - on your appeal - please read it carefully as it contains specific instructions on what happens next.  Ted

So sure enough yesterday I received the Statement of Case.  It appears that I now have the choice to appeal to the Board of Veteran Appeals (BVA)

I wrote Ted back and told him that we were a bit confused and asked him to offer some further clarification.  So now we'll wait to see what he has to say.

Just another day in the life a Vet being drug across some very hot coals !!!

Oct. 16, 2015

So I received my Claims folder on CD and I found a 3 differant DD214's.

1. The 1st  Shows in box "e" and box "10" nothing.  They are blank.  Now this is the one I received shortly after leaving the Army.

2.  The 2nd Shows in box "e" and box "10" comments regarding Authority and Reason and Reenlistment code, so no problem with this one.

The 3rd Shows in box "e" and box "10" nothing BUT, you can see that they covered up these 2 boxes with a label or tape or something so it appears blank and shows anything.

So my question is what are they trying to hide in the 3rd one.  Why would they cover up these 2 boxes with a label or tape?  Why do I have 3 differant DD214's?  Did they have something listed on here and then changed it before sending me the #2 copy.

I included a picture to show you where the label clearly shows they blocked out these 2 boxes.  Hopefully, it'll show clear enough so you'll know what I'm talking about.


Oct. 16, 2015

We met with Carlos Ortiz, Military Service Coordinator (MSC) at the 

Temecula Vet Center
40935 County Center Drive, Ste. A & B
Temecula, CA 92591
Phone: 951-296-5608
Fax: 951-296-0598
We we're actually impressed with the service we received.  I would recommend anyone living in Southern California to talk to this guy.  He was extremely knowledgeable  about filing claims, appeals etc.  At one point we felt like we should wrap things up and he said no, that we waited our turn to see him and he wasn't going to rush us out.  I was what???  Never heard that before.
Anyway, is you need assistance....START HERE.
Oct. 16, 2015

Just a quick update !

Just had my third C&P Exam.  Took about 20 minutes and that included the Dr calling in my wife to ask her questions.  Hard to imagine what he could have accomplished in 20 minutes. But that's all he took.  It kind of makes me feel like he may have already had his decision and maybe was just going through the motions.  Who knows???   Now we wait again.


Oct. 11, 2015

This may not seem like big news, but it goes to show that Ted Ebert pays attention.

I posted the other day that on eBenefit website it showed my expected date of completion for my appeal was March, 2016.  Then after contacting Ted Ebert it changed it to March, 2017.  I was less than happy when I saw that.  So I included it in my email to Ted Ebert.  He unfortunately couldn't explain why the change.

But today, I checked eBenefits website and March 2017 is gone and now the expected date of completion simply says that the appeal is being processed at the regional office.  I know Ted Ebert must have had 3/2017 removed and updated.

I think that's Ted paying attention to detail. ")