Feb. 28, 2016

Some changes to 2nd claim

Update to followers ...

Just a reminder that new claim was filed 10/15.  Here’s what happened since.

  1. eBenfits website has Estimated Completion:  3/2/2016-1015/2016, which would be a year.  That I figured was normal according to VA rules.  
  2. C&P exam on 2/22/2016 (less than a week ago).
  3. Now I go back to the ebenifit website and the Estimated Completion date changed to 3/28/16-5/28/16.  They also changed Status to "preparation for decision” and Updates changed to “Development Letter Sent”.  Now that’s moving a bit fast right?  Is this good or bad?
  4. But get this… 1 day later the completion date changed again.  Now it reads Estimated Completion: 4/1/16-5/14/16.  Now this is all a bit interesting.

First of all, would they really complete a claim in a 6 month period?  I think that is unheard of, don’t you?