Jan. 8, 2016

DRO and DAV Help...

Well since my last update, I've filed DRO.  It seems that now I'll have to wait upwards of 2 years for the video conference to take place at St. Petersburg.  I can see why after reading this article in The Tampa Times,  Report: Veterans' claims backlogged by the thousands at St. Petersburg VA

I've also been in contact with the Melbourne, FL DAV.  We'll have to see what kind of help they can be.  They seem knowledgeable, but I'm sure their hands are probably tied too.

One important thing that I've learned through this process is once you get you medical records from NPRC, which will probably appear very vague and void of much in the way of specifics.  You should then file the request again but this time, do a form request on each account specifying the date and hospital for that incident.  You'll likely get a completely different report back with much more detail.  Hopefully, the individual report will give you the information you need to help with your claim.  

I'll continue to keep you all in the loop.  Learning from my mistakes may help someone out there not to make the same.