Oct. 16, 2015

DD214 Question

So I received my Claims folder on CD and I found a 3 differant DD214's.

1. The 1st  Shows in box "e" and box "10" nothing.  They are blank.  Now this is the one I received shortly after leaving the Army.

2.  The 2nd Shows in box "e" and box "10" comments regarding Authority and Reason and Reenlistment code, so no problem with this one.

The 3rd Shows in box "e" and box "10" nothing BUT, you can see that they covered up these 2 boxes with a label or tape or something so it appears blank and shows anything.

So my question is what are they trying to hide in the 3rd one.  Why would they cover up these 2 boxes with a label or tape?  Why do I have 3 differant DD214's?  Did they have something listed on here and then changed it before sending me the #2 copy.

I included a picture to show you where the label clearly shows they blocked out these 2 boxes.  Hopefully, it'll show clear enough so you'll know what I'm talking about.