Oct. 3, 2015

Quick Response from Ted Ebert

Well I must say I'm impressed by Ted Ebert.  I sent him my rather lengthy email yesterday and he responded the same day.  Totally not like anyone else that I've dealt with at the VA.  Two thumbs up for Ted Ebert.

Anyway, I meant to tell you all that on the eBenefits website it showed my expected date of completion for my appeal to be March, 2016.  Yesterday they changed it to March, 2017.  I was less than happy when I saw that.  So I included it in my email to Ted Ebert.  He unfortunately couldn't explain why the change.

But here's most of the email he sent to me.  Again, I omitted parts that we're too personal to post.  Note:  the email we sent was actually from my wife of 34 years on my behalf.  

Ted's response...

Thank you Debbie – I’ve had very recent communication with the St Petersburg VA Regional Office – I am truly sorry for the delay – and can understand your frustration.

I don’t know why eBenefits would place a decision date on Clint’s appeal for March 2017 – I hope it doesn’t take that long – it shouldn’t – the appeals process is a long process – but shouldn’t be that long – we’re working on his appeal – it’s not laying stagnant.

I would expect Clint to receive another decision before Christmas – but that’s just an estimate.

I’m sorry for creating confusion with my mention of an additional examination.  Examinations are only necessary when we don’t have the medical evidence to grant a benefit – and my review suggested to me that Clint needed another one.  Blame me – I’m just trying to put him in the best possible position.

 I know you, and Clint, are VERY dissatisfied with the decision he received on his first claim – I am optimistic that the appeals process will have a more positive outcome – and I appreciate you advocating for him.

 I will see about getting you in contact with someone at the St Petersburg office – and please, while I can make no guarantees – I can commit to you both – you will not fall through the cracks.

 Have a nice weekend.