Oct. 3, 2015

New Response from Ted Ebert

So it only took 6 days for Mr. Ebert to respond to my last email to him.  I really don't think that's bad compared to how long we've waited for everything else.  I posted a portion of his email but omitted the things that we're too personal to post here.

In a nutshell he said...

Good afternoon Clint – I apologize for the delay in my response.

I have reviewed what is/was going on with you and your claim and want to apologize again for the course it has taken – I do believe we have more work to do – specifically – examinations.

Give us chance, sir – we’ll get it right.


So that's it.  Now it looks like more examinations.  I'm afraid to guess how much more time this will add to the last two years that we've already spent (wasted) waiting.

But I'm holding out hope that Mr. Ebert will see to getting everything done as fast as possible.  Here's to hoping, right??

Let's hope that he feels the same way that President Lincoln felt about Veterans.  Maybe Mr. Ebert really stands for his saying about the VA.

I did send back a lengthy reply to him and asked numerous questions about the process and how in the world they could have made any determinations to deny his claim in the first place without them ever having or requesting his detailed medical records from NARA.

Specifically, I wrote.... "If you won’t get all my records then you’ll never grant me my disability.  The answer will always be the same, NO, “unable to substantiate with the available medical records”.

Which is exactly what I've been told over and over throughout my denial letter.

I'll update as soon as I hear more.