Sep. 30, 2015

Update - Senator Jeff Stone's Response

Today I received a follow up from Senator Jeff Stone regarding my initial email to him.  The initial letter can be found here:

The response is promising, provided we don't get treated like we did the last time we tried to work with a VA rep.  It was a total waste of time.  But, we will make this appointment and give them the chance to prove us all wrong.

Senator Jeff Stone raised his hand and took an oath to serve the people, so let's see how well he serves us.

Good morning Mr. Hess,

I have met on your behalf with the staff at the Temecula Vet Center, a wonderful resource for local veterans who need help resolving issues with the V.A. Veteran Services Specialist, will be onsite on October 14th from 12noon - 4:30pm to personally help you resolve your issues with the V.A.

Please mark your calendar:

DAY:                           Wednesday, October 14, 2015    

TIME:                          12pm  (noon)

Please contact the Center if you are unable to visit on that day or require additional information about your meeting.  Please take any records that would assist them in his efforts to resolve your issues.  If you have no records, they will be able to access your V.A. records on the computer.

On behalf of Senator Jeff Stone's office, we thank you for your military service to our country. We would be honored to assist anytime, so please don't hesitate to call or email me if you have questions or concerns in the future. 

Best wishes,

Maryann Edwards
District Director, Southwest
Office of Senator Jeff Stone
Murrieta, CA