Sep. 29, 2015

Requesting "C" File

I requested my Complete Claim Folder 2 different ways to determine which would be the fastest response.  I'll let you know which happens to be faster.

Here are the two ways...

#1.  Faxed an SF180 specifying my request for my "C file" to the VA Records Mgmt Center at Fax #844-822-5246

#2.  Email to Maryann Wentzel, Management Analyst, VA Records Management Center, St. Louis MO.  She said to provide a written request, which included scan/email the document or fax to her attention to or fax to #314-679-3615.  The release can be on a plain sheet of paper.  Please identify the records you are requesting, your VA claims number and/or your social security number, your mailing address, date and your signature.