Sep. 24, 2015

Replies from a VA Official and Senator today 9/23/15

Well we received a very fast response from Ted Ebert, at Allison Hickey, Under Secretary Office today.  This was in response to the letter I wrote him yesterday.  Here's his response.

"Good evening Clint – rest assured – YES – I am investigating what is going on with your appeal – I have a first-class technical expert leading the way….."

I’m truly sorry for the delay.

I also received a response from From the Office of Senator Jeff Stone today.  It reads.

Thank you for your service!  I have been in contact with our local Veterans Center in Temecula and will be providing your information and situation to them.  Each month, a trained Veterans Affairs Specialist spends one day at the Center to help with cases just like yours.  He will meet with you privately, pull up your records on the computer, and work closely with you to resolve your case.

I will be delivering your file to the Center this week and you will be notified about going in for a visit.We have had GREAT results with this very personalized attention for our veterans, and I check in with them on a regular basis to ensure your case is a priority.

If you have questions, please email me at You will receive a call about a Vet Center appointment within the next couple of weeks.

I'll keep you all posted on the outcome !!!