Sep. 23, 2015

Call from St. Petersburg Regional Disability Office 9/22/15

So this morning I received a call from Kevin at the St. Petersburg FL Regional Disability office. He informs me my case has been given to him for review.  I was a bit confused since I filed in San Diego, CA hmmm...  Apparently last year when I change my mailing address for a few months it affected where my claim was to be handled.  When I changed it I called Disability and I verified with them that changing only the mailing address would not affect my claim and that it would stay in San Diego.  Obviously that's not the case.  So that's a mistake to learn from.

Anyway, he reviews my case and agrees that the medical records from the time I served are “Semi vague”, which I already knew and that has been one of my problems.  Apparently, they will need to get the detailed records from the hospitals for further evaluation.  Which means when they originally denied my claim, they denied without have all the records that were available to them.  Shame on them !

Because there are absolutely no records in the files they have at the moment regarding the time I was run over by a fuel truck Kevin tells me to call the hospital where I was treated for that incident and any others and they would supply me with my Inservice Medical Records.  Not true.  The hospital only keeps records for 10 years and then they are retired to the National Personnel Records Center (NARA).

I want to remind those that have kept up with my story that I actually found a record in my files at the house that shows I was run over by the fuel truck. Which I sent to them and they do now have on file.  Kevin said, that it’s proof enough that it happened.

Helpful Hint!  Upon calling the NARA I find out that if I want the detailed hospital records that have been retired from the hospital I must complete another SF180 and specify the dates and times that I'd like records for, which I did today.

For your information the National Personnel Records Ctr #314-801-0800 or fill out your request online at

Helpful Hint!  Next, I learn from the lady at NARA that I should also get a "Copy of the Complete Claim Folder", that it holds more information about my claim than I would have access too.  This is also requested by completing an SF180, which now can only be mailed or faxed in, which I did today. The fax #844-822-5246 for California.

So after all this waiting for the last year I now I have to wait for St. Petersburg to send to San Diego and see what they do.  I’d like to mention that Kevin in St. Petersburg said he couldn’t understand why San Diego gave me such a bad rating last time.  He said that my incidents while in service were barely survivable. 

Before ending, I have a big question. 

If the Disability Office never requested my detailed hospital records, how it is they denied my first claim.  You’d think they’d need the facts first, right? 

So my next step is to go back to Allison A. Hickey, Under Secretary for Benefits and Ted Ebert and his team and explain where I'm at now and again how they've messed up.  I'm definetley going to ask them how they could have denied my claim in the first place when they never had my complete medical records, especially when they were available for them to retrieve.