Sep. 13, 2015

Email to VA Officials - September 11, 2015

Below is the list of VA Officials that I emailed a letter to explaining the timeframe of my disability claim and a few pertinent details about my claim.  I simply said that, "I am a Vietnam Era Vet trying to seek answers and help regarding my disability claim."  After a brief recount of my situation, I ended the email with these 3 sentences.

1. Please understand that this is a brief overview of my situation.  I’m just hoping it’s enough to get someone’s (anyone’s) attention.

2. At this point I’m looking for any help I can get to move my along my claim in a more timely manner since it been going on since July 2013.

3. I want to be taken seriously when it comes to my claims, not just pushed aside because the VA fails to keep accurate records.  


VA Secretary Bob McDonald

Deputy VA Secretary Sloan Gibson

VA Under Secretary of Health David Shulkin

VA Interim Under Secretary for Health - Dr Carolyn Clancy

VA Asst Deputy Under Secretary for Health Clinical Operations, Thomas Lynch

VA Under Secretary for Health James Tuchschmidt

VA Under Secretary Veterans Benefits Administration, Allison Hickey, BGen USAF Ret

VA Deputy National Program Director for Pain Management, Rollin "Mac" Gallagher

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist and Director,

Program Director & Principal Investigator Defense Veterans Integrated Pain Management ((DVCIPM)

Dr Chester 'Trip' Buckenmaier III, Col US Army Ret

Assistant VA Secretary for Congressional and Legislative Affairs

VA's Congressional Relations Officer, Michael Huff

Senator Jeff Stone - District 28 California Senator

Assemblymember Chad Mayes

Barbara Boxer United States Senator California

Dianne Feinstein United States Senator California