Jan. 29, 2016

Waiting can cost you more than time !

Waiting can cost you more than time!

If you all have kept up with our blog, you’ll remember since November, 2014 I’ve been fighting to get the VA to do my shoulder surgery. 

First fighting with Loma Linda VA to actually schedule a surgery which was ultimately scheduled for February, 2016. 

Then fighting with Choice Care to get an initial appointment with a surgeon, which finally occurred September, 2015.  Only to find out that the surgeon was not even qualified to do my surgery. 

Now January, 2016, right before the surgery can be performed, I find out that they want to address my neck issues before doing surgery.  So now I have to wait until March, 2016 to have a procedure on my neck before they will do shoulder surgery. 

If you think that waiting 1 ½ years hasn’t cost me more than time, you’re mistaken.  I just went to a private surgeon on my own to get a 2nd opinion.  This surgeon said that I would not get full use of my arm and the cause is…. The VA didn’t do my surgery in a timely manner.     

Just another piece of evidence that the VA is not treating vets in humanly manner.