Jan. 29, 2016

2nd Time Trying Choice Care !

We requested yesterday 1/28/16 to use the Choice Care Program.  We went to the Viera VA and spoke to Mike Carter, Patient Advocate and he submitted the request.  He said that he would send request to the supervisor and by days end the supervisor would send to Choice Care.  We could expect a call from Choice Care in 5-7 days.  He said the research the doctor that we want to go to and have the information ready when they call. 

As you remember from our last try using Choice Care out in California, over a 7 month period we had no success.  So let’s see how Florida does.

On another note, Mike Carter, Patient Advocate seemed to be very helpful.  The man actually had 5 college degrees hanging on his wall.  Impressive !

We'll keep you updated on which way this goes.