Dec. 9, 2015

2nd Update to Proof is in their actions !


They just keep proving me right and themselves so very wrong !!!

So here's an update to Part 1 ...

Part 2 - Yesterday Triwest calls and you can read it below in Part 1.  Today they call again asking if I'd seen the surgeon that they sent me to that wasn't qualified to do the surgery.  Yup, it's Groundhog day, considering this is what the call yesterday was regarding.  So they can't even take notes and update their records properly.  It's scary when you are putting your health and wellbeing in the hands of folks that are incompetent or simply don't care... Which it it Triwest!

Part 1 - Update on Triwest Choice Care and their continued incompetence.

Just as a reminder after Triwest sent me to a surgeon that was not qualified to do my surgery  I called Triwest back to get an appointment with a qualified surgeon.  That was on October 9th.  As expected, they said they'd call me with an appointment within 5-7 days.  They said they would put it through the escalation dept since it was their screw up.

Well guess who just called to see if I had seen a doctor yet?  Yup, 1 month later I get the call asking me what was going on. Go figure.  

Hello.... Triwest get your act together.  

They are turning out to be as unorganized as the VA themselves.  I just pray that we don't have more Vets dying from lack of care through Triwest.

This is just more proof that the VA programs are failing and failing bad.