Oct. 27, 2015

Triwest/VA Choice Care - Complete Disaster

Here's an update to our complete disaster attemping to work with Triwest/VA Choice Care program.  It's all detailed in this letter that I emailed today to the head of Triwest, Mr. Gaddy, Manager, Congressional Relations & Customer Grievances. agaddy@triwest.com

Mr Gaddy,

I thought you'd be interested to know how things turned out with our referral to a orthopedic surgeon through Triwest.

First off,  we did eventually receive the referral.

Second, when we arrived at the Dr office,  they had no record of the referral.  Triwest had sent nothing to them causing another delay.

Third,  Triwestchose a surgeon not qualified to perform the surgery.

Fourth,  called Triwest and informed them that we would need another referral to a correct surgeon. That was on October 9th. We were told again only 5-7 days.  What a joke.  Obviously,  we've still heard nothing.

We've been waiting for this surgery for way to long.  This has held up our relocation to Florida.  So at this point, we can't wait any longer.  I'll have to make my husband travel across country in pain.  Which after this long wait will be nothing new.

Some day,  you'll find yourself dealing with a company like yours.  Receiving completely inadequate care.  When that happens I hope you think of us.

The world that you are creating in the medical field has only got worse.  I pity the young,  because when they get old it will be total devastation.

We can only assume that the people that are working for you are told to stall in this manner or that they are just incompetent.

Either way,  shame on you for allowing them to play with the lives of our heroes.

I know we'll be in the same situation in Florida and that completely scares us but what choice do we have,  right

Clint and Debbie Hess