Oct. 9, 2015

The VA and Triwest sent us to a Doctor not qualified !

The VA and Triwest Choice Care strikes again.

Go figure we went to see the surgeon today and he's not qualified to do the surgery.

But before I get into that I have to mention that Triwest never sent the authorization to the doctor’s office.  We had to sit around waiting while the doctor's office called Choice Care to get the authorization.  So should you get an appointment through Triwest Choice Care make sure they send you a copy of the authorization.  

On to the surgeon himself, although he seemed like a nice doctor he told us that he can't do microscopic surgery.  Also, that after viewing the MRI he thinks that he's not qualified enough to actually do the surgery.  So he needs me to see a specialist that can.

Thank goodness he was honest, but what a waste of time.  Considering it took me from the beginning of August to get today's appointment.  

Anyway, today I called Triwest Choice Care and told them the situation.  I spoke to Kasha at Triwest and she apologized.  Accepted responsibility and said she was sending an email right now to a coworker in the escalation dept.  Again, need to wait 5-7 days for them to call with an appointment.

Oh well, here we go again.  I'm so over all this waiting.  It's trying my patience in a big way !

So my question is simple.  Who at the VA reviewed my MRI and what exactly do they tell Triwest in order for them to send you to the right type of doctor in the first place?

I’m telling you it’s running in circles working with the VA.  Always some ridiculous error made each and every time they attempt to anything.

I’m beyond frustrated with this whole thing.  I should have named this blog BEYONDvafrustration.com