Sep. 11, 2015

September 10, 2015

Call from the Manager, Congressional Relations & Customer Grievances

Earlier this evening at 6:47pm I sent an email to Armon T. Gaddy, Jr., Manager, Congressional Relations & Customer Grievances. I sent him in the email everything that I've explained to you in this blog.  At the end of this information, I simply said "Is that how TriWest tells their customer care reps to do business?

At 8:14pm this evening I received a call from Mr. Gaddy. He confirmed that he received my email and that upon reviewing my schedule of events and the ones logged at Triwest, he said it was pretty much the same.

He said that he would be forwarding this onto the Escalation Team to take over.  He seemed very honest with his replies and I trust that he'll do exactly what he said.

He said that he's a 20 year Vet and that he is honest to a fault.  If you ask me, we need more like this gentleman.

He even followed up with an email to confirm our conversation and replied "assured that I have taken action tonight to get the right people engaged in resolving this matter."

He furthered explained that Triwest and Tricare are 2 separate entities.  Triwest holds the contract with the VA and Tricare/UHC works with the DOD Healthcare system.

I will wait now to receive the call from whomever at Triwest to resolve our situation.