Sep. 12, 2015

If the VA has no record, then it never happened????

Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional writer so my writing will be a bit raw.  Thanks !

I would never put my personal goings on out there for the world to see if I didn’t believe in what I’m writing.

So, I feel compelled to mention some additional history about my dealings with the VA.  

There’s been so many but here’s just a few.

One procedure that I had to have done on my heart went like this...

I went to the appointment, I walked into the operating room (literally), I was told to take off all my clothes in front of all the nurses in the operating room and walk across the room to the operating table, butt naked.  Now who walks into the operating room off the street, with their clothes on and is told to strip in front of everyone and parade across the room.  This was really humiliating!

Another procedure that I recently had… I woke up on the operating table during the procedure and heard the doctors and nurses having a casual conversation while I was in enormous pain.  I heard one nurse tell the anesthesiologist, he’s awake, put him back under.  Really competent, right?

Last story, this happened with my ongoing spinal issues.  I was run over by a fuel tanker while sleeping on maneuvers and life flighted out.  This accident has caused me a lot of issues with my spine.  When I went to the VA to complain about the pain again, I was ignored.  I was called a liar and told that I was never run over by a fuel tanker.  WHAT???  Well because the VA has no record of it happening, it never happened.  Oh, I see how this works.  Well, little did they know that I had a record from the military that states that I was “run over by a semi fuel tanker.”  I even had a VA doctor tell me that if I don’t like it, then don’t come back. Real supportive??

From time to time, I’ll add in a few more stories that have occurred.  I don’t want to overwhelm you with them all at once.

I know that this is private personal information but I think it’s important for you to know that I’ve had my share of health problems.

So here’s my history, I’ve had 2 heart attacks, 2 stents, 2 back surgeries, 2 shoulder surgeries, and a stroke. (done through private insurance)

I really feel that the VA believes I’ve outlived my usefulness and don’t need medical care.  I’m sure I’m not alone here.

So if you’re a Vet and your reading this, look around, see what’s really going on.  Speak up, don’t let them do this to us !