Sep. 11, 2015

September 8, 2015

Here's the latest update with today’s call to Triwest.

Talked to Laterrica at Triwest, she said that since they didn't correct the situation regarding sending my info to the Appt. Dept on 8/26 or 9/1. I would have to wait 7-10 days, which will be Monday 9/14 or Tuesday 9/15 the latest.  Everyone else told me a 5 day waiting period.  I guess they change that timeframe whenever they want.

I questioned her regarding their previous attempts to call 5 providers and she said she sees 3 attempts on the 3rd.  So which is it 3 or 5.  I guess it’s hard to keep your lies straight, right?

She couldn’t tell me the provider names that they supposedly tried to call.  I explained that there are only 5 providers in this area on their website and that I’ve confirmed that all 5 accept this insurance through the VA.  She had no explanation for that.

At this point, with everything that I’ve been through with the VA, it makes me afraid to have them cutting me open.

Remember this whole process with my shoulder surgery originally began November, 2014 and we’re still going.