Sep. 11, 2015

September 4, 2015 – LIES…LIES…LIES…

As expected I received no call from April, Lead Mgr at Triwest today.  So I called and spoke to Ronada at Triwest.  I recapped the series of events that have taken place to date and that I had been expecting a call at noon from April, Triwest Lead Mgr.  She said that she doesn’t even know who April is.  This is just a call center.  She said that I needed to wait a few more days. When I pushed to speak to a manager again, she said there is no manager here.  I said then let me speak to whomever you report to.  She then informed me that she just read in the notes that at 3:37pm yesterday (9-3-15) they contacted 5 physicians and were having no luck finding a provider that would accept the insurance.  So the file shows pending because they are trying to find a provider.  Again, said to wait a couple of daysl 

As you get to know me better, you'll see that I've learned that you never can just wait.  So I jumped into action.

I called Ms Jordan, Triwest Rep at the VA and explained the above to her.  She was very helpful and went to Triwest website and gave me the names of 5 providers in my area.  She was very surprised that Triwest was telling me that they were having a difficult time finding a provider when there were 5 listed on their own website.

Next I called the provider here in town and they confirmed that they do accept Triwest insurance from the VA and could get me in to see a PA in a weeks’ time.

I called back to Triwest and spoke to Whitney.  I again recapped and gave her the providers name and number.  She reviewed the notes in my file and confirmed to me that there was no record of any providers ever been called.  She said that a provider list would automatically be generated and that had not occurred yet.  So there was no providers contacted.  

So now I have confirmation that Ronada at Triwest lied when she told me that they called 5 providers already.  This makes me think that the other 2 Triwest reps that said they never saved the file must have been lying also.  On top of that there were the 3 occasions when I was told the VA had not sent the VCL and authorization.  I wonder how true that was.

Will update Monday 9/7/15 after next call to VCP.