Sep. 12, 2015

September 3, 2015

Spoke to Triwest again to follow up on appt.  They tried to tell me again that they were waiting on the VA to send the VCL and authorization. Feels like groundhog day all over again.  So once again, I explained that I had confirmation from Triwest that they received all information.  Aha,  she finds it.  Go figure. 

She now explains to me, just like the other Triwest rep that someone didn't hit save so it was never sent to the appt dept.  Interesting wouldn't you say.  Do you think this was scripted  somehow?

Never the less, I asked to speak to the supervisor.  I spoke to April, Triwest Department Lead, and she confirms that the last two reps that I spoke with did not save the information, so it still hasn't been sent to the appt dept.

She has told me that she is sending my info to the manager of the appt dept and that I should hear back before the end of business tomorrow 9/4/15.  She also said that she would call me at noon tomorrow to follow up.

So comeback tomorrow and let's see how that goes !!!!