Sep. 12, 2015


The long story begins in November 2014 when I first got the VA to believe that I was having shoulder issues.  Between November, 2014 and February, 2015 I was able to have x-rays and an MRI done confirming that I would be needing surgery.  

From February until the beginning of July 2015, I waited for the VA to finally tell me that the surgery would be 8-9 months away.  Approximately, March or April of 2016.  At this point, I was allowed to request the use of the Veterans Choice Program (Triwest).

After requesting to use Triwest to have my surgery done, I was told that I would hear from Triwest within 30 days. Not TRUE!  Triwest never contacted me.  I contacted the VA again and was told at that time, that they need to have a consult done with the VA surgical team first.  Hmmmm, I guess they forgot to mention that, huh?

Important to know !! Make sure that you call and opt into the VA Choice Program. The number can be found on your card. I learned this when I called the VCP myself.

The rest of the story will be added by date.  Hope this helps my fellow Veterans !!

I'm also, going to be writing a blog on the care that I receive from the VA.  Definitely  not a positive experience !  WARNING: Do not ever question a VA doctor because you will be severely scolded and told to not come back !!!