Choice Care Program

May. 10, 2017

So check this out.  While working with a VA Primary Care Social Worker today to follow up on a Neurology appointment that Choice Care was scheduling, we caught them red handed in a few lies.  Straight up fraud that you or I would be terminated for.

So the Social Worker calls Choice Care to see why no one has contacted me with an appointment, considering we last spoke to them April 19th.  The lady at Choice Care tells us that, there was an appointment scheduled already for April 26th and that they spoke to my wife on April 14th to give her this information and that they sent a letter also.  Here are the 3 lies.

1.  They never spoke to my wife because they had scheduled an appointment with a doctor in Florida, which is not the state where we live.  So obviously, had they spoke to my wife she would have told them this.

2.  They never sent a letter because one was never received.

3.  We only spoke to them on April 19th, never on the 14th, which shows they backdated the contact info.

Even the Choice Care employee said that it was apparent that no one ever contacted us.

So it looks to me like this is one of the ways that they are keeping their numbers looking good.  Lying, lying, and more lies!!!  If you ask me, someone should lose their job over this! 

Seriously this just shows that our politicians don't care as long as they continue to get their paychecks.  They will never hold anyone accountable.  

Feb. 14, 2016

Good information to know !!!

I just want to provide some more clarity regarding Choice Care.

So our last update was regarding our attempt to get Triwest/Choice care to farm out my epidural to an outside neck doctor.  Request was January 28, 2016.  I didn’t hear anything from Choice care so on February 9th I called to Choice care to inquire.  I was told that they hadn’t received anything regarding my request.  So I called Mike Carter, Patient Advocate at Viera VA.  He explained to me that the epidural was not eligible because the initial appt with pain management was within the 30 days.  So even though the epidural is scheduled outside the 30 day period it didn’t qualify because the initial doctor appt was within the 30 days.  That was new news to me so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Jan. 29, 2016

Waiting can cost you more than time!

If you all have kept up with our blog, you’ll remember since November, 2014 I’ve been fighting to get the VA to do my shoulder surgery. 

First fighting with Loma Linda VA to actually schedule a surgery which was ultimately scheduled for February, 2016. 

Then fighting with Choice Care to get an initial appointment with a surgeon, which finally occurred September, 2015.  Only to find out that the surgeon was not even qualified to do my surgery. 

Now January, 2016, right before the surgery can be performed, I find out that they want to address my neck issues before doing surgery.  So now I have to wait until March, 2016 to have a procedure on my neck before they will do shoulder surgery. 

If you think that waiting 1 ½ years hasn’t cost me more than time, you’re mistaken.  I just went to a private surgeon on my own to get a 2nd opinion.  This surgeon said that I would not get full use of my arm and the cause is…. The VA didn’t do my surgery in a timely manner.     

Just another piece of evidence that the VA is not treating vets in humanly manner.  

Jan. 29, 2016

We requested yesterday 1/28/16 to use the Choice Care Program.  We went to the Viera VA and spoke to Mike Carter, Patient Advocate and he submitted the request.  He said that he would send request to the supervisor and by days end the supervisor would send to Choice Care.  We could expect a call from Choice Care in 5-7 days.  He said the research the doctor that we want to go to and have the information ready when they call. 

As you remember from our last try using Choice Care out in California, over a 7 month period we had no success.  So let’s see how Florida does.

On another note, Mike Carter, Patient Advocate seemed to be very helpful.  The man actually had 5 college degrees hanging on his wall.  Impressive !

We'll keep you updated on which way this goes.

Dec. 9, 2015


They just keep proving me right and themselves so very wrong !!!

So here's an update to Part 1 ...

Part 2 - Yesterday Triwest calls and you can read it below in Part 1.  Today they call again asking if I'd seen the surgeon that they sent me to that wasn't qualified to do the surgery.  Yup, it's Groundhog day, considering this is what the call yesterday was regarding.  So they can't even take notes and update their records properly.  It's scary when you are putting your health and wellbeing in the hands of folks that are incompetent or simply don't care... Which it it Triwest!

Part 1 - Update on Triwest Choice Care and their continued incompetence.

Just as a reminder after Triwest sent me to a surgeon that was not qualified to do my surgery  I called Triwest back to get an appointment with a qualified surgeon.  That was on October 9th.  As expected, they said they'd call me with an appointment within 5-7 days.  They said they would put it through the escalation dept since it was their screw up.

Well guess who just called to see if I had seen a doctor yet?  Yup, 1 month later I get the call asking me what was going on. Go figure.  

Hello.... Triwest get your act together.  

They are turning out to be as unorganized as the VA themselves.  I just pray that we don't have more Vets dying from lack of care through Triwest.

This is just more proof that the VA programs are failing and failing bad.