So what's up with the "Clinically Indicated Date"? I now know!!!

So I mentioned in another post, that I was being scheduled for a test a few months out and that the VA said I wasn't eligible for the VA Choice Care Program because my CID date is August 30th.  

I had never heard of the CID (Clinically Indicated Date) before.  So after questioning the VA I learned that the CID date is something the doctor creates.  Which in this case is already over 30 days away.  By giving me a CID date so far out they make it look like they are getting me right away based on that date.  

Now mind you, that casuses me to wait 45 days for the test to actually be done, and keeps me from using the Choice Care Program.   But yet again it appears in the VA records that they got my test done quickly.

Just so you know, yesterday I requested to speak to whomever created my CID date for this test. Because I certainly had no say in that date.  Today I got a call scheduling me for the test next week.  So there you go. We always need to read between the lines when it comes to the VA or they'll continue to try and pull the wool over our eyes. 

What does clinically indicated date mean? The clinically indicated date is the date you and your medical provider agree should be the next date you are seen for care. If the VA medical facility is unable to schedule an appointment up to 30 days from that date you may be eligible for the Veterans Choice Program.


VA ALERT....Quick note regarding the VA. Something new that we just experienced. When making an appt with the Columbus Oh VA, I was told that they wouldn't look for an appt for me until after August 30th which they said was the CID "Clinically Indicated Date" which was set by Dr. Cooperman, Chief of staff "Endo".

So my appt couldn't be set until Sept. By using this CID they are voiding my opportunity to use the VA Choice Care Program. Just another sneaky way the VA is getting around using the VA Choice Care program. Screwing VETS once again.